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First Order of Business.

As of this moment, our website is up and ready to display various updates, Guides, and news. Please check on the Forums for more info. Soon enough we will have Community spotlights and better forum models!


New Forums will be introduced in the coming weeks. The current model is one that I particularly do not find visually pleasing, But we will have to make due with what we have for the moment.

Gaming news.

Every time that new announcements are made on the respective games website, the updated gaming news will change on here as well.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

The forums and website will be needing moderators, this opens up positions in our current roster. We are a growing community and that entails a growing support team keeping everything running smoothly. The admin team will be watching for eager and coherent members to be placed in this role.

Out of pocket.

As of now, all of the funds for this website are strickly coming out of my pocket (failscapes), sooner or later I will not be able to keep the funds for maintaining the website alone. We will use this site as a test run to see if it is a viable way to keep us together and motivated to stay active, if it is a success then we will create a way to maintain funding and keeping the site alive!


Sincerely, thank you all for making this small group of gamers grow in to such a wonderful community that we have today. Without you, none of this would be possible, I cant stress that enough. From all of us on the Admin team, we dedicate this site to you.
Thank you.

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